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“The pins arrived, and we are nothing but thrilled about them.  You do the most amazing work, and it's been a pleasure to do business with you.  
I will absolutely recommend your company to any of the other Chapter Directors who need to have pins made for their rides.  

I've found that you guys beat the competition in all aspects from price to customer service”

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Government Custom Lapel Pins

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Sophisticated with a mark of elegance are what define government lapel pins. Various departments of government, whether local, state, or federal, use these attractive pins to identify, recognize, award, distinguish, and honor.

Members of the military wear lapel pins that identify what branch of the United States Armed Forces they belong to, such as the Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, or what rank or office. They also wear lapel pins they have received as honors for distinguished service or lapel pins that reflect military pride such as veteran pins.

Politicians may wear lapel pins to show solidarity with or belonging to a community, city, or party or to promote a political cause. Major campaigns often utilize lapels pins to show support for a candidate and to galvanize more support by increasing awareness of the candidate and spreading political messages and slogans of the campaign. Lapel pins can also be powerful or profound symbols of patriotic sentiment, like the American flag lapel pin that was demonstratively worn after September 11.

The numerous sectors of the local, state, and federal government use lapel pins as symbols of identification or belonging. They can reflect affiliation with a city, or town, or years of service in a state court system. Law enforcement units and fire departments also utilize lapel pins to reinforce unity, establish identity or to award recognition.

The professional appearance of a government lapel pin combined with the look of refined jewelry make lapel pins appropriate for the various functions of the government. A government lapel pin can be worn on the most uniform of suits, adding life and meaning.

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